B. For Pet plants’ are able to process 12.000 tons per year of containers in PET that through selection phases, grinding and flotation are transformed in SRM (secondary raw materials).

RSince 2011, we recycle plastic materials sourced from separate collection and from processing waste with the aim to become a benchmark in our industry.

PWe have many years of experience in the field of Plastic Waste Management despite our company is young and made by young people with an average of 35 years of age.

EWe rigorously process and check each big bag through our internal laboratory analyses’ in order to guarantee that the product is always in line with the standards’industry.

TFor us, logistics is important: we collaborate with different operators that allow us to ship daily all over Italy at the best price.


Once washing, sorting, grinding and drying plastics’ process is completed, the products are packed in big bags in the form of R-PET according to the colour: clear, light blue and mix color.

After that, Big bags are transferred to the plants for being processed and for the final transformation.

Our products are mainly used in three sectors.

In the textile fiber one, our R-PET is used for carpets’ realization as upholstery of car trunks.

It’s also used as PET band, strap used to pack bricks, cardboards, and others materials.

Thirdly, our R-PET is transformed in slabs for thermoforming from which are obtained food trays.


  • Textile Fiber
  • Packaging
  • Slabs for thermoforming
  • Food Trays

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